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Core Values Index Assessment

We believe the Core Values Index *(CVI)™ can be valuable in virtually every aspect of your life, and it’s so fun to compare scores with friends and associates. It’s said that opposites attract, so what are the CVI™ scores of your close friends, family, partner or spouse?  In this assessment you will be given sets of words which will yield a profile based on your core values, and your preferences.  This will give you four words that best describe your make-up.  Knowing this about yourself will allow you to construct your life in a way that best utilizes your abilities in your personal or work relationships.  

Taking the CVI™ is totally free, and we encourage you to share it with those you care about so that you can discover important relationship dynamics. If you would like to share the Core Values Index™ with others, it’s so easy! Just copy this link and send it to the people you care about.

To purchase a complete CVI that can be reviewed with me to provide indepth understanding of your personal profile, please click the following link:

If you know a person’s CVI™ score, you know how to motivate them and impact them. That’s powerful knowledge that can be used to gain wisdom about your loved ones! Understanding your unique differences at the “Core Value” level brings an immediate awareness to improving communication with those around us. That’s why you must know the Core Value nature of others.

We’ve seen how this “little” test improves communication in marriages, how it helps people find the right jobs, and how business leaders use it to position their companies for growth in this new economy.

Who are You?
Which of these represent the core value that is the essence of your being?  
  • Merchant: The merchant nurtures the values of self and others, and works to build community.  Relationships and vision are at the core of a merchant.   Love paired with truth, the ability to see the way things are and share that truth is a powerful combination; and is the gift the merchant brings to the relationship or group.
  • Innovator: The innovator sees the way things are and has the wisdom to know what to do about it.  The innovator has compassion to stay with the problem and remains observant until there is a solution that will benefit the relationship or group.
  • Builder:  The builder brings power that is action oriented and brings results and at the same time it does not oppress others.  It is the energy applied to make a positive difference and the faith in their ability to know what to do now and that they will know what to do next; this is their major strength and contribution.
  • Banker:  The banker loves knowledge, and understands the how and why of things.  Justice means that knowledge is available to all and is used appropriately for the benefit of the higher vision. 

 To learn more about yourself and the values that energize you, complete the full Core Values Index™ available by Contacting Clare E Steffen, Ed.D., BCC for a coaching session. Still not convinced? It may help you to know that this assessment offers 94.5% reliability (scores are consistently the same each time for each person). This reliability was obtained through a study that was conducted over a period of six years with approximately 1,200 test and retest participants.  

To learn more about your innate and consistent capacity to make a specific contribution to each of your personal and work relationships,


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* Core Values Index (CVI) ™ from Taylor Protocols.

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